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The Cherpalcheri English Medium Central School is an ideal institution which is constantly striving to perfect the art of holistic learning . The school has a strength of 1250pupils. It is well equipped with all the modern facilities and highly qualified staff.

We have a fully equipped MATHS LAB and a HOME THEATRE where all available visual aids are utilised for students. Our ENGLISH LAB is an asset to the learners where hearing, listening, and speaking is coincided within visual media by experts.

It's Location
In today's world of growing pollution, C.E.M.C.S is located in a place where the air is crisp and clean as 'Living in harmony with nature' has been the guiding philosophy of the local people.


Well equipped and maintained Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories with the most modern apparatus are provided to the promising scientists for experimentation
Computer Labs

This is the age of computer and for the development of the students education in computer science is a must.The school has labs with Multimedia and Internet facilities. Computers are taught from Std. 1 onwards.

Extra and Co-curricular activities

Besides academics, Co-curricular activities and extra curricular activities form an integral part of the school curriculum. Required facilities are provided to the students for sports, games, art, music, craft and cultural activities. We have special teachers for Art, Vocal Music, Instrumental music, Dance and Craft.


A spacious, well-stocked library is provided for the students. It has a large number of carefully chosen books, reference books, encyclopedia story books etc. There is also a sizable collection of general publications, popular periodicals and magazines, and newspapers. The library is upgraded frequently.

Students’ safety insurance scheme

All the students are provided with round the clock insurance coverage against accidents.

     *      The staff at C.E.M.C.S are people who believe "happy is the man whose hobby is his profession and his profession, his hobby".
     *      High standards of discipline and academic excellence.
     *      An educational programme that caters to individual diffrences.
     *      Last but not the least at C.E.M.C.S each pupil is special

Medical Examination

A healthy body contains a healthy mind. The school conducts periodical Medical check-up of the students once in every year.

Additional Facilities offered by the School;

     *      The school arranges for free medical check up once in every year
     *      The school offers transportation facility along fixed routes.
     *      The school has a students safety insuarance scheme which offers economic protection to students against accidents of various nature.
     *      Eminent facilities of diffrent Subjets are invited and have interaction with our students occasionally.
     *      The school offers transportation facility along fixed routes.
     *      Eminent facilities of different Subjects are invited and have interaction with our students occasionally .